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Poster: dudeman5685 Date: Aug 15, 2007 2:31pm
Forum: texts Subject: Statement of Principles

As some of you have may have noticed, my recent uploads have turned from the older German-language Nazi material to more contemporary English language neo-Nazi, anti-semitic and white nationalist literature. In fact, it wouldn't be unfair to say that I upload a mini-library of such materials. I know that what ever you do on the internet can pretty much be found out, and it can bite you in the ass sometime in the future. So to avoid any misconceptions I would like to have this on record right here:

1. I do not support National Socialism, anti-semitism or intolerance of any form

2. I have uploaded these materials for a variety of reasons, particularly so that people who study extremism (like myself, who plan to write my thesis on it) and those who are passively interested in it can have easy, persistent access to the relevant texts, without relying on unstable websites, or patronizing the groups themselves. I also hope that the more people see what these ideologies are, in their own material, people will see the foolishness of them.

3. It will be noted in passing that, while their supporters will inevitably buy copies of these materials anyway, creating a place online where non-supporters can access them deprives those groups a source of income.

OK, now my ass is covered.

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Poster: YakYak Date: Nov 8, 2007 1:10am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Statement of Principles

But does this really cover you? I always worry about the Bush/Cheney posts I add to sites because they have computers that can scan sites and posts for activist writings.

Your posts carry a nastalgic sense with its old Nazi ways. I would be a little worried about you if you were promoting a movement today.

James -